You can order your photographs through the website using our secure online shopping cart, where we take all major credit/debit card And Paypal!

Alternatively you can give us a call or send us a cheque or postal order. Please provide your name, address & Tel Number with the cheque along with the whole print number and size you would like to order. Cheque payable to Sarah Lane.

All our prints are cropped and colour corrected as standard. We are also happy to include small edits within the cost but their will be a charge for larger edit's, you will need to contact us to see what we can do. 

EquinePix Photo Prices
EquinePix Montage Prices List

No Copyright fee charged for your photograph to be published

Providing you have purchased the jpeg or print, but a credit must be given to 'Equinepix photography'

We use Dye Sublimation Printers which produce perfect prints!

Resistant to fingerprints, water & making fading a thing of the past ensuring that your prints stay in excellent condition for years to come


Delivery Policy?

We aim to deliver your print within 10 days and Jpegs within 3 days. Although we always aim for the quickest time possible.


We use PayPal to process Payments but this doesn't mean you need a PayPal account. Orders will only be processed when the payment has reached us (when cheques have cleared in our back account, this could take up to 6 working days).

Refunds? & Returns?

Refunds will only be made with the consent of Equinepix Photography on the grounds of print quality issues. We will not refund on the basis of style or composition. If you would like a photograph cropped/lighten in a certain way please get in touch when ordering. All prints are produced in-house where we ensure that all prints meet our quality standards. If you have any quality issues with prints please contact us. Faulty items must be returned to us within 30 days of purchase. We ask that unsatisfactory prints/items are returned to us for investigation.


All images are protected by Copyright and may not be copied, modified, duplicated or redistributed in whole or in part without the written permission of Equinepix photography.

Prints and soft copies are supplied on loan and no property or copyright in any picture passes to the Client or reproduction rights for any picture.

Cancelling An Order?

If you believe you have placed an order in error, please contact us within 10 minutes. After this cancelling may not always be possible.


For online orders 10x8, 12x8, 15x10 & 18x12 prints are sold as a print only (without a strut mount) but both a 6x8 and 6x9 print is sold with a strut mount. A 4x6 print has both options. Prints will be packed in a stiff envelope.

Our Address

Stable End Cottage
Herefordshire, HR6 9NZ